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I am back :)

Good Morning or Evening to you all trust everyone is having a manageable day. I have been on and off this site for sometime now and without it I do not even wish to think where I would end up. I was shocked so many people could relate and understand panic attacks and anxiety.

I was off work for months before going back something I never dreamed I could have achieved although I have good days and bad days and still taking a low dose of medication I finally feel my life is going back on track.

Please understand it was not an easy ride at all and many people were saying take on day at a time but I wanted instant results to return to the person I was well to give everyone some glimmer of hope my life is starting to take a U turn for the best. I still struggle on public transport so I go to work by mini cab but ride the bus home forcing myself that without racing against the time getting into work I can mange the journey home in the evening. I know how each and everyone feels its like a dark black hole you feel your never going to climb out of but hey stop thinking that way because with sheer determination you can achieve anything. Why let the demons ruin your life, keep you a prisoner in your home.

I have taken the biggest step since my panic\anxiety I have booked a holiday long haul to Barbados and I am going to make that journey I have promised myself and keep encouraging myself nearer the time. Remember I once never left my home through fear feeling sick dizzy shaking.

I just want to give hope to everyone giving something back that this site gave me which was HOPE and encouragement and I pray this happens for you also.

Feel free to talk with me anytime and if I can help no problem.

Take care


Seyi xxx

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What a wonderful post. Thank you for sharing. Hope you enjoy your trip.


This completely brighten my spirit when I read this thank u so much for sharing


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