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Why cant i just enjoy my self?? I'm loosing it!!

Went out with my partner.

To an amusement park, lots of roller coasters fast sky high ones :)

Last time we went was 10 yrs ago!!

I loved them.

After every ride I had a headache

The on one which you have to go standing up caused a great deal of pain in the crotch area. (I read it happens to everyone)

I was having weak legs through out the day that i brushed it off as getting over my period.

Well I get home and my socks were on too tight!! I had not felt them digging in and it's bad and I started to get sharp pains in my mid to lower legs. :(

Oh and my heart was strongerfaster through the day when I wasn't dealing with the joys of the rides.

I read that the rides can cause blood clots

And I'm here thinking I'll be part of that small percentage and it will happen to me why

Right now chest pain in center of chest :(

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Well done Yaz for being so brave going on all those rides! I think you know it's very,very unlikely that you have a blood clot. These thoughts are our anxieties you know it,I know it. All that adrenaline passing through your body is bound to make you feel the way you do. But we still worry don't we? It's in our natures. Deep calm breathes are in order. I used to feel so shaky after going on these rides and now I haven't been on any for years( to old lol). Hope you're feeling a bit better now as I did notice your post was put on a few hours ago? Sam xx


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