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just wanted to thank every one for helping with anxiety

hey guys i have been doing pretty good with my anxiety for about 2 weeks and 3 days i only been having mini attacks that last anywhere from a minunt to 15 minunts. i still have the dizzy and short of breath during the day but not as bad . i started working out about a week and a half ago when i was lifting weights i started to get very short of breath and my heart was racing so i started with small work outs like 15 minuts felt like i was having a thousand panic attaks, no i work out an hour and 20 minuts every morning and only get sob twice maby 3 times and only last for about a couple minunts i just thought i would thank all of u guys for helping me

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Hi Cody, good on you for staying active and for feeling good. I have found that exercise is helpful in dealing with anxiety. For me, I try and do regular exercise and vary them. I love running, especially when I push myself hard and start heavy breathing and get my heart rate up, it makes me feel like everything is ok and like I've done a good workout. I think its because when anxiety kicks in those are the symptoms I get, so by being able to trigger them while exercising makes the anxiety not feel so unmanageable. I hope you continue on a positive journey, keep it up.


Glad you're doing so well Cody x


thanks guys i still have dizzy and sob but no where near as bad. thank you for all your anwsers and helping me along the way.all of you guys on here has been more helpfull then any of the docters i have went to


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