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What works for you?

Hi everyone was just wondering what helps you to deal with your anxiety?

I suddenly just get this feeling of pure anger towards it like how dare you do this to me,I am stronger than this and it really does work,I get furious with it,not with myself but with the anxiety itself. It does return eventually but then I do the same thing again and put it in its place. I can just go stuff itself basically. I'm just not listening anymore.

I'm sure this type of post will have been done many times before but it's always good to hear what works for other people as we are all so different.

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Anxiety is a horrible feeling, I feel it with you. I find that smelling nice things helps calm me down like lavender and ice musk, (boots sell the spray) I also find listening to natural sounds like beach waves really soothing, or thinking of a beach. I know this won't help you because it doesn't help me but it's really good to know that Theres other people that feel what you feel :)


Hello. Things that have worked for me are: going on walks, exercise, meditation, yoga and talking to friends and family. It depends on how anxious I am feeling. Frustration does the opposite for me so i manage with acceptance and balance. But what works for one doesn't work for all so it's always good to share and get ideas on how to deal with anxiety. Have a good day.


hey! i get anxiety like that a lot. what i do is:


take a bath

deep breaths

busy myself with something

listen to music

talk to friends

come on this site

hope this helps, xoxo



Being by water i find it really soothing

Doing exercise but not in a gym.

Being with friends and generally family.




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