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woke up from night mare smelling burning sulfer smell?

hey guys i have been doing great for 2 weeks with my anxiety and panic attacks . i only had 2 mini ones in about 2 weeks , but still get sob,and dizzy off and on ,but i am going to ask you guy somthing that is kinda weird last night i was sleeping in the middle of a night mare and its like i had to force myself to wake up from my night mare i had this strong burning sulfer smell that was taking my breath away its like someone was gassing me,almost set me in to a massive panic attack,once i woke up i sit up stright heart racing,jumped out of bed to see if anything was on fire but nothing was burning .this sensation lasted for about 15 or 20 minunts. im sorry for the weird question but it feaked me out and im wondering if anybody has had this happen to them ? plz let me no thank u

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I am sorry you had a bad experience , I have had something very similar where I have had to force myself awake because I feel I cannot breath , it is very frightening & yes you do feel panicky when it happens

I think it is when we are dreaming & nothing to worry about even though unpleasant

Take Care





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