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Flee long nauseous but not throwing up help plz :(

Well hello my name is andrew and I'm 16 and I feel nauseous everyday i don't know why it does not effect me all the time only at certain moments idk why I have been to the doctor and have had many test done nothing wrong with me I have had this for two years and it has effected my life i can't have fun with my freinds I can never concentrate in my classes so it effects my schoolwork and its so hard because my mom dosent believe me anymore because it happens so often so I can't stay home :( I feel like throwing up but I don't so i don't understand what's wrong with me and I have had it for 2 yrs maybe even more im scared and sometimes I want to kill myself so it can stop I hate the nauseous feeling it's taking over my life i need help :( I haven't been to the doctor in a while so I don't know if there could be something wrong with me medically so yea the only thing that happens is that I feel nauseous but don't throw up and it's really affecting me plz help

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Feeling srry phone messed up


Hey Andrew

I have a daughter who is 15yrs and has been going through something similar.

I would go back to your doctor and tell him exactly how you are feeling. write down things you want to say to the doctor. Ask for cbt this is a great way in combating anxiety.

Now, have you finished school?

I think you could well be suffering from anxiety as you say you have been suffering for 2yrs.

You've had mock exams and the stress of the actual exams and then waiting for the results.

its no wonder you're so stressed. My daughter is the same, she is seeing a councillor at school which is helping. She got given this website by her councillor this is perfectly safe for you to use and it is for young people like yourself. Give this ago it may help you.

Also check out this will give you some breathing exercises that will help with the sickness.

Hope this helps Andrew, please don't sit and worry on your own,come on here and chat or you can message me.

Look after yourself and remember to take big deep breathes when you're feeling anxious :}


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