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Scary morning!

I had a job interview in EC2 this morning, & it was a nightmare trying to find the place. I finally got there, but I`m not used to being in the city, & I was getting into such a state not knowing my way round the area. I hate being lost more than anything, it makes me feel so helpless & vulnerable. It`s such a relief to be back home again. how do other people cope in these situations? I tend to panic because that area is like a rabbit warren at the best of times, but it`s full of road works at the moment, which makes things so much worse.

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If you got the job you'd seen get the lay of the land and know your way around with ease. I used to work in EC2 as well back in the 80's!



Don't know London at all but it sounds very busy. ALTHOUGH as a supply teacher I can definitely identify with trying to find new places. Hope you got the job



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