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Cant stop worrying

I have this headache, every time I eat I either feel really nauseated or I'll vomit everything I had ate. I'm feeling a little dizzy and just not feeling well ever since I had a stomach flu about a week and a half ago. I'm scared I have an infection in my brain or something and I'm dying.

I'm also itching badly everywhere I don't see and concerning rashes tho. My joints seem to hurt from time to time. I just feel really scared. I can't sleep like this :(

I really hate this anxiety

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Hi illaeskrilla,

Sorry to hear what you are going through. I can sympathise with you as I've had a few bad panic attacks, although the last bad one, thankfully, was nearly two weeks ago. But every day, I'm still a little tense and flushed. Breathing properly and walking helps me a lot. I found a great site about breathing, I believe what Mike White is teaching, obvious name

I too, always felt nauseated and like vomiting and didn't want to eat, not that I'd lost my appetite, I was just scared of getting sick and getting an attack. Less of that, too, these days, thankfully.

A massage also does wonders, but remember it's only treating the symptoms, who cares, it's still great.

It's hard to sleep, I know, but you must. Lack of sleep helps this demon take hold of you more. Poor eating, also helps it take hold. I'm starting to sleep better and the demon isn't liking that, it makes him weaker!

You have to go to your doctor, to make sure nothing else is wrong and once he/she/you are certain it's anxiety and panic attacks, they get easier to fight. Then, you just dream of stabbing that demon in the back.

It's just incredible how panic and anxiety attack the human mind and body. It would appear that you can have nearly every symptom of every other disease or ailment put together. But remember, if you have that, it's more than likely a panic attack, because all the other diseases DON'T have EVERY symptom panic does. And if it's panic or anxiety, I know it's cold comfort, but it ISN'T heart attack, stroke and you're not going to die.

I wish you well.



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