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I need to lose a serious amount of weight, but every single time I try to exercise, I have a panic attack. Walking is okay, but the second I stop walking ..I feel like soo dizzy and I will feel lightheaded and like I will fall. I try to exersice and it frustrates me badly that I feel anxious even while trying to do something good for my body. Does anyone else experience this? Advice? Tips on how to manage that.?

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Sorry I'm no help but I feel the same way;/ I want to lose weight and look good but exercising makes me feel I'm going to die


Yes mee too! So annoying and frustrating


Oh man I just started to get my weight under control. It really took a while though. I had a binge disorder over all the winter months. My suggestion is to eat whatever you like and just be gentle with yourself. Just take on smallest amounts of excersize first as a sort of way to get back on track. Make sure you are drinking enough water and getting enough sleep because losing weight takes alot of energy. I believe your body might not be used to the activity level yet.

But I also recommend talking to your doctor about this as it may not be anxiety.

Have you tried going to the sauna/steam room and pool at your local gym? I find that's a really relaxing way to exercise. Plus the sauna/steam room helps you sweat, great for if you feel too weak to excersize at this time.



i too recommend swimming as the water takes a lot of the weight. Just start off doing a few laps and gradually build up. also I don't know if you drive but if you do try parking the car a little away from where you want to go so that you are doing a bit of walking. Make sure you are drinking lots of what and perhaps take a piece of fruit with you. Finally discussing exercise with your doctor might be a good idea.



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