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Soo.. as a person with anxiety and panic attacks I was like no way I never want to walk when I'm having this it's only going to make it worse, I'm already breathing weird and I might pass out!.. I was debating on taking a pill for my nerves. Instead I tried walking, to my surprise the moment I felt it coming on I started doing laps around the inside of my house. I don't know if it was because my mind was no longer focused on it, but it truly did help and suddenly it was gone. Glad I actually tried it because being active never sounds like a good idea with all of this, but it helped!

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Thanks for sharing !!!! I will try that next time(:


Walking is what helps me the most. It has to do with the fact that during a panic attack our "flight or fight" responses kick in. So walking or movement in general helps the mind and body sync. It also helps release the adrenaline that runs through your body during an attack.

I'm glad this helped you too, I try and go outside at get fresh air during a walk as breathing "new air" helps me calm down too.

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Hi xkayla,

I would've advised you to breathe deeply through the tummy and walk or pace up and down in the house. At least that's what works for me. The reason you probably WON'T pass out doing that, or rather, the reason you MIGHT pass out IF YOU DON'T is because the brain is being deprived of oxygen through hyperventilating, poor breathing and muscle tightness, with a panic attack. I know, I get them! Walking and deep, slow belly breathing, as you say, firstly, takes your focus off the attack and secondly, starts to get oxygen to the brain and that is followed by a calming down. I'm finding the gastro intestinal system figures highly in this thing as well. Does it ever! It's what has been waking me up at night.

Also, a nice long, slow, easy, relaxing walk outside, where I'm concentrating on my breathing, does wonders. I've started taking a probiotic for extra good bacteria and digestive enzymes to help the digestion better. I'm new at the gastro thing though, so it's just a trial. Also, if you can manage to get something down and keep it down, you have to start chewing a lot longer, don't rush eating.

I found through these cursed panic attacks that I've been doing some things wrong pretty well all my life. That is breathing, eating and sleeping and priorities. I'm trying to fix those things and I think it might be helping.

I think I might be STARTING to get this under control of sorts. But I still feel tenseness, flush and I'm not game to take my BP, although I do have the machine.

Take care.

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Hi, exercise is the best thing if you can attempt it. Well done for trying it indoors, now try outdoors, it's much more refreshing.

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