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Confused and worried!

Just to let you all know I had a better day FINALLY but after the rough night and morning.

So after my better day I was relaxing watching a movie feeling really good and relaxed I fell asleep for about an hour. I was startled awake by my mom making noise ad my heart started racing and now my anxiety is acting up. My belly hurts I feel anxious my chest feels weird. Why can't I have one good night where I'm relaxed and calm. When I feel like this before bed I don't sleep well :(

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Really, what are we gonna do with you! It's a vicious circle I'm afraid. The lack of sleep, just fuels it. Are you doing any walking or breathing exercises? Having a massage will help loads too.

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Lol Peter I really don't know what your going to do with me. I don't even know what to do with myself most the time.

No I haven't started exercising yet and no I haven't done my belly breathing as much as I should. Is that all really going to help me sleep tho? I don't sleep well. I wake up several times in the night with my heart racing and that just makes me panic more. It's making me more depressed also.

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