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Will something bad happen?

Okay i'm working with a programme and have been seeing some impressive progress for over a week.I get panic attacks.. But these past couple of days has been hell and its so hard to explain. I feel so wierd and unusual in my body. I look in the miror and dont even know whose looking back at me. I just dont feel like myself and its hard to explain. I get awful feelings and sensations in my body and i just know something bad will happen to me. I know i'm gonna die. I feel it. I worry about.I dont feel normal.

Is this suppose to be normal?

Will i die? How can i truly convince myself that its just panic attack?

I try so much to accept the feelings and carry on but it feels too much like literally dying,then i get fearful.

Anyone help?

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sounds like anxiety and panic that has caused a depersonalization disorder!

for me when i feel like I'm going to die etc, i put on really calm and relaxing music and i lie down, close my eyes and concentrate on my breathing! you should try that out!

but the depersonalization is something i struggle with from day to day, it's very hard.. personally i still don't know how to really handle that feeling yet..

stay strong! you're not going to die, everything is fine :)


thanks but i dont have have DP disorder.I dont get it often.


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