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My heart and anxiety

My anxiety has Been very back and forth, but in the past 2 weeks I have felt like my heart has been weird. Whenever I drink on the weekends I wake up with a small hangover but my heart feels rrally weird and the more and more I think about it it gets worse. I feel like it's goin to stop beating or somthing. During a normal day it feels completely fine but today it felt weird again. I went to the doctor a month or 2 ago and they said my heart and lungs started fine so Idk what to think, if it's actually anxiety playing with my mind or actually somthibg going on. I'm 21 years old, I'm not in shape. And advice or personal stories and outcomes will help. Thanks guys

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Hi mr :-) drinking alcohol increase the heart rate. It's like drinking energy drinks does the same too. Anxiety can make you feel and think so many things. I can't give 100% answer but all I'd say is if you are still worried go back to see your dr or a&e if it gets too worse.


Hi mranxious. Yes I do think it's the alcohol that isn't agreeing with your body. If our bodies don't deal with alcohol very well(and believe me I know)it can give you all the symptoms you've been having. Obviously any physical issues you've been having need to be dealt with by your doctor. But lay off the alcohol and see if this makes a difference to you. Just say drink half of your usual quota as I know going out with friends makes it very difficult to not drink at all. Take care.


Hi there,

I too worry about my heart and that there is something wrong with it. I am a 27 year old male who isn't overly active myself. I have been to the doctors on numerous occasions explaining my "symptoms" and always being told my heart is OK.

I have recently been receiving face to face therapy for my health anxiety which has helped me quite a bit. It has taught me about how unhelpful safety behaviours can be in a situation like this. I would constantly check my pulse when my heart was racing or when I thought it skipped a beat. I would always seek reassurance from family, friends, the doctors and google and I would avoid exercise in fear of having a heart attack. With the help of therapy I rely much much much less on these safety behaviours which has help to ease my anxiety to some degree. I still have "bad" days where I slip back into these safety behaviours and yes I think that there is something wrong. It is therapy that is helping me to understand that it is the anxiety which is playing with my mind.

I don't know how long you have been worrying about this for and what impact it has upon your life. If this is something that is consuming your thoughts (i.e. you spend a considerable amount of time worrying about your health and nothing can distract you from these thoughts) then I suggest going to your GP and floating the notion of anxiety. If you both agree that is what you are suffering from then see if you can get referred to some form of well-being therapy (in Gloucestershire they have the 2gether service).

Let me know if I can be of further help!



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