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Weird feelings

Hi guys, been struggling with anxiety for a while now, it's been really up and down. One day I'll feel like a million bucks the next day I'll feel like absolute crap :( im sure you know how that is. Latly my fatigue has really been bad and I've been restless and a weird feeling in my chest, i know a lot of that is normal for people with bad anxiety and panic attacks, but another thing I've been havin is that my stomach has been moving weird or maybe a better word is twitching kind of. I recently started working out and doing abs maybe that could be it, but it only really happens when my anxiety strikes, anyone else have this?I'm only 21 and ive been trying to deal with this anxiety latly, by distracting myself but sometimes it attacks no matter where I am or what I'm doing, any advice will help thanKS guys.

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Therapy usually includes employing a number of relaxation exercises, practised when you are already feeling relaxed so that they can become second nature, for use when you need them. Deep breathing, progressive muscular relaxation, meditation/visualisation, listening to music, reading a book, and exercise to name a few.

Try also CBT techniques; changing your behaviour to change what you think to change how you feel.

What do you eat?


To be honest latley i havnt had the best diet, I'm on the go a lot so fast food. When I'm home its frozen food I cook up maybe chicken,pizza or just little frozen meals it depends.


Hi mranxious11

I feel exactly the same which the painful chest or short of breath due to bad anxiety and no matter how hard you try to feel ok in yourself it's very hard to control the anxiety and have it not take over your life! I am struggling quite badly at the moment and feel very sick when my anxiety strikes and it's such a pain, so I feel for you as I'm going through it to.


It really has been making me feel sick too


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