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I have anxiety but am not sure. I feel to weird for it to be that. Any body else have these things?

I had a shooting through my head my body tightend up and began to shake uncontrolably so i went to the emergency room a month ago. They said it was a panic attack. Went to my doctor he says the same and prescribed some meds. I have heart palpitations. Ears will get pressure. Head will become very tight. Shortness of breath. Heart racing. Weakness of my whole body. I will feel like I'm burning up. Idk what all that is. Can it be just anxiety. Does anyone else get all that?!

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Yes all of this is anxiety.

Sorry your going through a rough time. :(

At least you know you were checked twice and everything is fine concentrate on that, us anxiety sufferers won't accept we are fine because we don't feel well but like you said in your reply to my question we are "crazy" and can't accept so look at your facts.

You get tense your neck is the first to tighten up cause headaches shoulder aches and a whole lot of aches

Pressure I experience it on my face and temples

Shortness of breath along with heart palps the Norm every freakin day :(

You have many ways to explore to see what helps don't give up just yet



It's normal! I have been to the ER so much I think they knew me by first name. It took a year and I still have some issues but through meds and therapy I'm getting better. Good luck!! Praying for you!!


It does get better. I had no meds but a year of CBT style counselling (like every two weeks) and now I feel more like me again. I still get the symptoms (sound just like yours actually!) but not very often. When I get them I think, Oh, this again and just carry on. It can be cured and it does recede but it may take time.



Thank you. I'm just glad others have experienced what I am. And I started meds yesterday. I don't like the idea of having to medicate myself at 20 but I'm doing whatever it takes to get rid of this feeling.


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