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Having a bad day today

I'm getting the worst anxiety feelings :(

Today when I woke up I knew that I was going to have a bad day. All day I've been having trouble breathing and been feeling anxious.

I can't help but think and concentrate on my breathing and as i do it makes things worse. I still get the feeling that I actually have something wrong with my throat or lungs but I guess it normal for me to think that. Does anyone else feel the same way?

Does anyone else have trouble breathing (not a panic attack, just in general) and because of that feel as if they will pass out?

I feel scared and feel as if I'm gonna just die all the time.

Thanks for reading, it's gonna be a long night for me ... :(

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Hi there

It is a symptom ( one of many ) of Anxiety.

Check out Headspace.

This is a very good website that should help to keep things a lot calmer and help to relax you:)



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