Thyroid petition request


Thyroid problems can so often be an associated factor in so many conditions e.g. fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, absorption issues such low vitamin B12, vitamin D, iron and more, chronic fatigue syndrome, sleep issues and many more.

I'd be grateful if your forum would consider accepting a post containing an e petition for improving NHS thyroid treatment options.

I myself have suffered from the above for many years having always thought the they where all unconnected. However, my symptoms have now improved significantly following my own research and a change in thyroid treatment. Please see the link below.

I thought that this MAY be relevant to group.

Please let me know your view on this.

Best wishes



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2 Replies

  • Hi pooh, I do think doctors should do some tests for any physical causes when ppl go for help with depression/anxiety should be a standard health check before sending ppl away with anti depressants as there can be causes like you have listed but nothing is suggested or offered xx

  • Thanks for your reply, it is such a shame that they do not do comprehensive tests. My basic tests where just within normal range. It was only when I did my own research that things have begun to change for me - thankfully it's been a long time! I just thought I'd share just in case it rung a bell with anyone else.x

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