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Since April of 2006- feeling awful day in day out

I cant sit and watch tv in the eve. Cars have become an issue for me more and more.

So I get a pressure in my head(upper foreheadĺ. It makes me feel like I am going to lose touch of reality, go crazy sometimes. It is devastating each and every day of my life.

While I am driving I constantly stay to the far right because I have the urge to stop quickly and get out of the car. My head feels like a bobblehead.. I have fleeting thoughts while driving for example turning the wheel of my car to crash etc..

I have never had any mental health issues before and feel I am a fairly happy well adjusted person.

I am so over this every day and need to figure out something.. Is it an allergy related issue? Anxiety? Am I going bananas?

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HI Kali x I don't think your bananas no x as that would mean we are all here and lets face it they aint much use lol x Has something happened to you in the last few months or year even involving a car?? It certainly seems you have some anxiety issues but they seem to revolve around the car issue which is why I ask, sometimes we can attach the way we fell to a certain point , if we have a accident or we know someone who may of suffered due to one, it can become a worry that it may happen to us and therefore, we get anxious about it and the more we overthink the situation the more we fear it x I would maybe consider going to your gp and asking for someone you could maybe speak to , therpay etc xx Sorry I could,nt be much help x Donver xx


Thanks and counseling is always an option.. i dont however think i have any car related phobia. My head gets pressure when i get in and continues to manifest into weird thoughts and although not worried about crashing or hurting others, it does feel weird.


Intrusive thoughts are completely normal, we all have them but yours seem to be really affecting your life do I highly recommend you confide in your gp. The gp will probably suggest seeing a therapist. I've just started seeing one and it's so lovely to talk freely to a stranger. She is so supportive and helpful.


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