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Pelvic Pain


Hi all,

I was just wondering does anyone else get sereve pelvic pain from anxiety? I have it and cant stop thinking about it is is so bad it can keep me awake and I am so scared of it getting worse that I am constantly checking on my body. I have had tests and nothing shows up and I do suffer fron anxiety and ocd about this so it has to be it but with this pain it is so bad I can hardly believe it and cant seem to refocus my attention. I hate this anxiety , had it all my life but never stopped me from soing anything just the last 3 years have been a nightmare with it.


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Hello I've never had it via anxiety. I've got it now cuz I'm pregnant. There's so many aches and pains and wtf u can get via anxiety so I Wudnt rule it out. Maybe when u start feeling better with ur anxiety this pain will start to go as well x


I do but it's not constant, more like when I'm at a very stressed level, I'm always tense, so it might be anxiety related.

Like right now I'm going through a cold everytime I sneeze or cough it hurts bad do you get that as well??

catherineamanda in reply to Hidden

No not when I sneeze or cough but I have it all the time now and it is so frustrating because I cant take my mind off of it and it keeps me in a constant panic which keeps the pain high. I never thought my anxiety could get this bad and effect me in this way. This is the second time 3 years ago I had the constant feeling I wanted the bathroom, all tests done and nothing, now this. I just want to relax to allow it to get better but cant because of my constant checking and monitoring it because I am so afraid of it.

My therapist has said I should start setraline as I need to bring down my compulsion to check and allow the body to heal which it cant do in my constant state of anxiety.

Anyone try that anti depressant?

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