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I feel fairly ok when I lay in bed, but can barely walk

Just wanted to know if anyone else ever had this. For the past 5-6 days, it's been bad - when I lay in bed I feel like a weird tingling in both my legs and feet and also lately in my arms (it's a mix of tingling and a heavy feeling). But when I try and walk, it really freaks me out - i feel funny when I walk, I don't properly feel my legs or I feel them very heavy and it's like I need to think to be able to walk. I have a lightheadedness and dizziness, but it is proprioceptive, it's like I feel some jolts in my head and I need to close my eyes; I get very easily tired and need to sit after a very short distance. I had to leave work today........and my neurologist didn't answer my phone. Don't know what to do

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Hi sssorina.

A few people on here have mentioned tingling in their limbs,it could well be anxiety but just to be safe I would go and have a word with your doctor.I hope you improve soon



I agree with kenny, talk to your gp.

hope your symptoms ease soon.


As is said, they don't answer the phone. I was examined neurologically 2 weeks ago and I keep telling myself they would have found something if it was serious. I am waiting for an MRI appointment and wouldn't wanna want to go to the ER just because I am very uncomfortable but I'm not in danger. Offf....I hate this


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