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Does anyone else wake up from sleep because they think they hear a loud noise?

Maybe I'm just jumpy when I'm anxious but I feel myself jerkong around a lot in my sleep and multiple times a night I wake up because I think I hear a loud noise sometimes I just say "oh my god what was that noise" and my husband will wake up like there wasn't any noise..its such a weird feeling

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Yes I've had this and when I do my heart seems to be fluttering so I have to move around to make it stop. I have heard loud bangs and sometimes I hear a loud dog bark right in my ear. When I'm up then I hear nothing else it's very strange


Yes that happens a lot to me.

Apparently loud noises, and dreams are all part of stress and anxiety .


I get it too and also flashes in my eyes which wake me up just as I'm dozing off. Anyone else get the flashes?


I get those too


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