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Another new symptom for me???


Been having another awful new symptom has anybody else had this or is it yet another thing to worry about?? Been getting pins and needles in my legs and feet also very slightly on my arms sometimes feel like a buzzing feeling and other times feels like someone is sticking a pin in you starting to stress about this now thanks to google.

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Hi there

Yes this is very common with anxiety.

I would stay away from Google Hun. Unless you hear directly from a medical professional, I wouldn't believe what is written on google,it's just scare mongering.

Try to let the feeling of pins and needles pass, pay no attention to it.

Hope you feel better:) x


I didn't know if it was a symptom it's been continuous for the past week I will try to forget it maybe that will help. Take care x

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Hi miami.

I think quite a few people on here have at one time or another suffered the same symptom,and although concerning it is just another symptom to get used to.Please stay away from Google you know you will only feel worse we are here to listen and help where we can.

Take care Kenny xxx


Hi Kenny cheers for that it really is all in that one word accept however hard it may be.


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