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I finally managed to say something

i actually brought up the courage to tell my friend about all my problems last night, it was around midnight and i couldn't stop shaking so i told him about everything over twitter DMs and he was so nice about it, he didn't seem mad or start treating me different, he was just nice and wanted me to calm down. I wasn't expecting his reaction to be so normal, he calmed me down and i managed to get some sleep. I don't get to see him that much because he lives far away so i cant talk in person but its still nice knowing that someone knows and will be there. Im still not perfect, im not saying im cured but until im able to tell anyone else, its good for me and was a big step. Also everyone on here has made me feel way more accepted so thanks everyone for that, its good to hear the opinions of other people going through the same thing as me because it makes me feel like im not alone

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Hello. You are not alone. I'm glad you found comfort in a friend. It can be hard to tell friends/family what your going through, but I have found that people are more understanding than we think. Build your support group and know you are strong.


Thanks, Im sure I will, hopefully


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