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Need to rant!


I was originally diagnosed with anxiety, but things have snowballed and I don't know whether I'm coming or going now!

I don't want to worry my nearest and dearest so I hope nobody minds if I get stuff off my chest?

In the beginning I was extremely tired, had chest pains, shortness of breath, dizziness and palpitations and acid reflux. I wasn't convinced by the anxiety diagnosis, but I worked in a stressful environment so I accepted it. I was given beta blockers and omeprazole which have dulled the pain, but the exhaustion and dizziness persisted.

Then, a few months ago my knees, hips and elbows started to swell and ache, especially at night. I already had problems with my hands and carpal tunnel, but everything got worse and the doctor has now referred me to a rheumatologist. Now my neck and shoulders have joined in the fun. My appointment isn't until may 16th, so I'm in limbo.

Just to add a little spice, a couple of weeks ago I felt uncomfortable in bed, as if I was lying on something. I found a moveable, oval lump at the bottom of my left shoulder. I wasn't worried, but I went back to the doc expecting to be put at ease as the lump was painless. He said it wasn't a lipoma or cyst and didn't know what it was, so I have to go to get an ultrasound - the appointment hasn't come through yet. I do get a tingly feeling in that area sometimes, but I don't know if it's relevant.

During the last couple of days I've felt a little uneasy as the lump has given me some discomfort. It's not very painful, just throbs a little, but I do get very achy between the shoulder blades when I'm out shopping or washing dishes.

I came back from shopping completely exhausted. I'm not scared, I'm just feeling defeated and tired of waiting for answers and i needed to talk to someone. My next docs appointment is Tuesday so maybe he'll chase up my ultrasound appointment. I do hope so.

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HI Waster, Rant away x Im not sure if all of the symptoms you say you have can be blamed on anxiety, but I know there are things it can so that I would never of thought it could. I mean tension in your neck and shoulders can be anxiety but Ive never heard of inflammation x I do so hope your appointments come through fast for you, so that at least you know what you are dealing with x Sorry I could not be more help there x Your not alone though in the bothering your nearest and dearest, I hate chatting anxiety or health with my hubby as I always assume he is sick of hearing me lol x xx Donver x

Thanks Donver. Yeah, talk about health and they either worry or maybe think I'm a hypochondriac.

I get sick of people trying to give me job seeking advice too. Really, they haven't got a clue!

All I know, I'd prefer to fight rheumatoid arthritis (which is what I'm seeing rheumy about) rather than the big 'c'. So now my priority has shifted to the lump situation and the rheumy takes second place. It's enough to send me cuckoo!

Thanks for replying. Hope you have a lovely Easter break. Xxx

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