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Help advice please ...I just do not know what happened to me this morning.. Really scary

I woke up this morning at 4.30 am sweating and feeling really, really ill..I took my blood pressure and it read 170/100 and 90 beats per minute. I had a shower to cool down and thought I was going to collapse right there and then..I cannot stop crying all of today and still feel so ill...I am not sure that this was a massive panic attack that I had in my sleep or if it was,it was the worst yet..They seem to be happening more frequent...Does anyone else get this? .

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Hello Tudor

So sorry your having such a bad day today but try and relax and take some breathing exercises which do help. I use to feel like I couldn't stand and would pass out until Isis these breathing technics. The more we fight the more stressful the situation becomes that your not in control this will push the blood pressure up.

as for crying nothing wrong in that it's a safety valve letting out your fears and suppressed emotions.

I understand that you feel isolated as if no one else's can understand the physical pain you are feeling.

The more you can talk and open up the more people can help you. Trust you are feeling a little better.

Take care

Hugs love

Seyi. Xx


Hi... I would have to say that its obvious that something is going on.... Can you try and identify the cause of this anxiety... Has something happened lately that would cause this to happen etc.....I would say a trip to your GP or to the hospital may be in order.... Don't try and figure this out yourself ....We all have had some similar episodes... I had a massive panic attack last weekend that send me off the rails... But getting the right meds she made things more bearable.. Go to your GP Tudor asap....steve


Hi Tudor :-) I'd say it sounds like anxiety if you are in any doubt go get checked out. Thinking checking your own blood pressure will make you worry even more because I know it would make me worry about it. Our minds can make our bodies feel if running in a dream...your body thinks it has faster pulse, hot and sweaty, tired just take care and any concerns go see your gp :-)


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