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Not feeling so well today

I'm 37 and I think I'm codependent I have anxiety and depression. I was in a 8 month relationship and it was one sided, also he was not very affectionate, also didn't like to kiss or have intimacy. Sorry for the overshare but need to get this out. He wanted things his way including just a one sided being pleased. I put up with it bec I love him. But my body started to reject is I felt panicked waking up everymorning. I'm very family oriented and my sister lives upstate she's all I have and he said he would only go visit every 3 months. He wasn't social so it was just him and I. I think that's why u started to panic I worried life would be like. Now I. Taking a break and he's hurt and says he would make some changes I'm just very unsure. Any help or comments would be appreciated

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Hi butterfly, doesn't sound like this relationship was good for you if you were unhappy , might be better to just focus on yourself and getting better for a while :) xx

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I am trying too I do love him. I just needed more affection. He said he would work on things . But now my family knows and they dislike him. I allowed certain things because I'm insecure. I just don't know what to do now. It's a mess I feel bad for my bf because I'm up and down I decided to leave on march 31 and I have only seen him twice. I'm hurt because he didn't want to kiss me or do much with me but expected me to do for him. I'm so torn and depressed I feel like I'll never find someone who loves me


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