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Help please

Hi everyone I'm writing this really to hope that someone can help me!? To start from the beginning I handed my notice in at my previous job in which I had grown to hate an was making me feel depressed going, after this I started getting tight chest pains, dizzyness, nausea, joint pains, tiredness and fatigue. It's really took me back as usually I am a healthy happy person! I've been to a&e 3 times this week with it and had a full blood count, thyroid test and anaemia test in which they all came back clear? It's been pretty much constant for 2 weeks now and is really affecting my life! People have said it's stress and anxiety but when I experience a symptom I can't help but assume it's a real health problem and not from anxiety. I haven't been given any medication for this yet an would like not to if it is not needed but I really just need some reassurance on this as I can't help but think of crazy scenarios such as blood clots and brain aneurisms which sounds extreme but makes these attacks so much worse! I've found myself sleeping over 15 hours most days because when I'm asleep it's the only time in not thinking about it. I've also stopped going out unless it's to my new job which I love but cannot enjoy properly because of this feeling. In myself I don't feel anxious or that I am worrying but I know deep down I must be? Has anyone got any advice for me it would be much appreciated I have just turned 23 if this helps at all?

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Hi Amiee-licious.

Welcome to the site. let me assure you that what you describe is anxiety, I know the symptoms you feel are very frightening but they are very common with anxiety.I would go and see your GP and tell them just what you have said on here. If you keep posting you will find a lot of friendly people who suffer the same as you and they will give you advice and tips on how to control your anxiety. You are not alone and will always find someone on here willing to listen to your problems.In the meantime try breathing exercise inhale slowly and hold your breath for a little while and then breathe out as if you are blowing a candle out I find it helps to calm you. I hope I have been of some help.



Thank you for replying! I just wish it would stop now it's getting me down i am at my lowest! My doctors aren't the best as I can never get an appointment! I've also been experiencing a dull ache in my arms and shoulders which I have been told can be the tension from having these attacks! My breathing seems normal and have had 5 ecgs in the past week which have all came back fine? It's all just confusing me as I've never had it before!? But hopefully talking to people and maybe getting help from my gp will get me back to normal?


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