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Does anyone hear a strange sound like birds chirping when turning your head or eyes during periods of extreme anxiety?

I have been having this annoying sound in my head off and on for a couple of years. Right now it is very pronounced along with the dizziness, headache, panic attacks, brain fog and weakness. Having been under lots of stress very recently I've been almost unable to function for the last couple of days.

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Hi I get mild tinnitus and it is worse when stressed. I hear phones ringing, in the old days it was an old fashioned ring, now it is a mobile phone ring!

If it is really disruptive it is worth talking to your doctor or practice nurse about as they can check for infection etc.

Hope you feel better soon.



Hi worrymagic. I worked as a practice nurse many years ago whereby ear syringing was very popular. Not so now or so I am told, but only in a few cases. One of the symptoms that patients would complain about if they had a lot of wax accumulating in ears, was high pitched sounds of many sorts. Maybe worth having them take a look to see if you do have a lot of wax in your ears. Can also be the cause of dizziness and a feeling of disorientation. If wax is the cause of your problem, a few drops of warm olive oil applied could loosen any wax, but to lie down to let it sink right in of 10 mins or so.Just a thought. If this was me, im sure that they would tell me I was depressed ( see my post from 8th and hope that you see the funny side of my comment). Hope it resolves soon. I also read on here that this can be related to thyroid as well. All the best. Lynne x


Thanks to you both for your comments.....they both make sense but I tend to think it's stress related. On the plus seems to have subsided this morning so hopefully it will be a good day!


Bbolka1. Hi again. Forgot to mention that many antidepressants can cause high pitched sounds in ears and can in some people, make your eyes feel as if they are whizzing round in their orbuts, when in truth, they are not even moving. This can also happen if we forget doses sometimes. It has happened to me a few times. I try asking myself " whats the worse that can happen"? With me, its the fear of the unknown. Being anxious over being anxious( if you understand my meaning) is another stressor that many people get. Hope this helps. Lynne



I get tinnitus too mine is like a constant ringing and it gets worse when I'm stressed wish it would do one!

Jules x


Hi, I get both tinnatis from a blocked nose, & arthritis in my neck, which is also painful and gives me headaches and sometimes dizziness, but not anxiety. I also hear a low, sound like gravel, when I turn my head, I've had scans and examinations etc and seen a specialist rheumatologist, who diagnosed osteoarthritis. What I am hearing is the gritty type of movement of the spine from the 'wear and tear' . Although it is always worse when I am anxious and/or having a panic attack, I think it is only because I notice it more then as my senses are upset.

I think you ought to tell your doctor about this as it may be possible to find the reason, which may not be related to panic, ot find that it is the panic and you can be reassured that it isn't an illness. I'm sure its nothing to worry about but it would be nice to know whats going on and maybe find something to help. Some meds also can effect ears and balance. I'm no medic, and you should get it checked for peace of mine! Good luck, hope it goes for you!



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