Still fuming!!'

I had to sign on yesterday and the person I see is a right pain in the ass. She's been treating me like a loser and threatening to put me onto community service. Then she told me due not getting a reply from a job by email she has no other to report me for lying and no getting a reply.

I did email on the 30th of March but the company claim no email arrived and I got rid of the emails of last month like I always do, so no proof my end either. She said I might not lose cash but it has to be looked into.

Yet people who sign before me seem to get away with no job search for months and this one mistake happens and I get onto trouble. It's one rule for us and another for others.

I hope they laugh this off because it's a honest mistake but the job centre are a joke!


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  • Hi Angel.

    This is what happens when you give an individual power that they don't know how to use properly, in the job centre they are all jobsworths anyway little tin gods who think they are important its quite pathetic really.I hope you don't loose your benefit but I won't hold my breath.

    Good luck. Kennyxxxx

  • The woman who I saw did say ' they might not stop the claim' but I bet they do or take pity on me. I hope it works out for me

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