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Will I outgrow my anxiety

In the last six months I experienced a tremendous amount of anxiety, which was due to my job being at risk. I was often in meetings with Directors and Managers because they thought I was incompetent. This lead me to have the typical symptoms of anxiety: Tight feeling around the heart, sickness, lack of appetite, and worse lack of the much needed sleep.

Recently the sun has shone down on me and answered my pray. I got a new job. It is better paid, more interesting, and will not require me to do the thing I was failing at my current place of employment. I start in two weeks and was so excited.

Now the I am focusing on one drawback to the new job. I always knew of this drawback, and had accepted it, but now it is eating at me. The drawback? An hour and a half to get there and (obviously likewise back). The extra money will more than pay for the fuel, the loss of an hour at home is no worse than someone doing a 12 hour shift, (of which used to me).

So why am i experiencing the very same feelings? Is it just pre-work jitters? Is it because people keep highlighting that negative? Is it that I have a mental illness?

Any help will be trully appreciated

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Hi Steven. What you have to remember here is meant? Heath or not you are normal, no one is ever not normal. As for anxiety it's something that not be cured s we all have it. It's the bodies basic defence mode, fight or flight. So when we sense danger we get ready to fight, or run and hide. Your job sounded lot of stress and it's times like this we can experience night levels of anxiety. Now you have a new job and I think the nagging feeling has maybe returns tht this job is perfect but what if things go wrong again. Remind yourself that it is all fine, we cannot say what will or will not happen in the future no one can xx hope it All works out for you x donver


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