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Worried about health ! can't sleep

I'm lying her with my heart pounding out of my chest, right calf muscle in my leg killing me, pains in my neck that I've had for months. Am I ever going to feel what it's like to be healthy & normal again ? I'm only 39 im seriously thinking about going private & having a proper health check to make sure my heart is ok im so fed up with this every day & night. :-(

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For tonight try to focus on your breathing and then try a progressive muscle relaxation (you'll be able to find instructions online if you need them).

Slowing your breathing should slow your heart rate.

Relaxing your muscles should ease the pain. ( the pain in yr calf sounds like cramp.) The added bonus of all this will hopefully be you're drifting off to sleep :)

In the morning ring your GP and book a full health check on the NHS. Keep asking until you get it. The trick after that though is to try and accept the reassurance they give you. This is v hard to do if you have Health Anxiety and I'm afraid it won't be any easier if you've paid for the tests.

Hope you feel better soon.

At least you know you're not the only one still awake!!!


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I am all the way with lizard on this. I am 47 and the trick I use is moving into a position so I can not hear my heart and then whatever distraction method I can think of at the time. I know they say don't have a tv in the room but I would be lost without mine because I can't bear the quiet. Good luck x


Agree with advice offered in other replies. I also use one of the "Drowsy" anti-histamines at bedtime and find it helps a lot. not habit forming as once my sleep pattern has settled I find I can drift off without the need for anti-histamine. The two that I find work best are PHERGAN and KIRKLAND SLEEP AID, both obtainable from Amazon, but lots on the market, a case of finding what works for you.

Hope this helps, and wishing you happy Zzzzzing tonight x


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