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Pls any advice

Well I haven't been on here for a while but my anxiety has gotten really bad was wondering if this is anxiety or panick attacks basically I feel as though I'm in a dream & when someone talks to me I'm slow at responding also I feel like I'm going to pass out all the time n I find it hard to breathe like my heart ain't beating. I'm really scared because I feel as though I'm guna die n when I look and talk to people it's like a dream it's horrible :( xxx

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Hi, it sounds like severe anxiety which can turn into a panic attack. You could look at the MIND Website which has a lot of information about anxiety and panic attacks or your could look on the website hope this helps


Sorry you are feeling this way. Dark angel has offered a couple of good websites. I'd check those out. Itoo can feel I'm in a dream world or not really present. I appreciate it can be frustrating especially when people think you are being rude or just not concentrating enough.



I also feel as if I can't breathe like as if I forget to breathe n no air then i feel like my eyes are going to roll at back of my head it's so scary I'm so sorry to go on n on but I feel so alone none of my family understand I'm also going through posnatael depression n my doc will not stick me on anything :( I'm on iron tablets at mo as iron been low could this be the meaning of it all? :( xx


Depersonalization is a common symptom of anxiety. I had it, felt like living in a bubble. Thankfully when the root of my anxiety was dealt with, I came back to real life. My breathing became normal, and my dizziness left me.


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