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Scared what's wrong with me?!?!

Dunno what just happened I woke up feeling kind of warm

It's cold here

Went to the bathroom and I noticed that my vision was shaking a lil bit

Before I fell asleep and right now I felt/feel like my body needs more air

My right knee calf has this thight ness tingling going on which scares me

Even though I feel this warm/hot sensation my chest parts of my body feel chills

What's going on? My fear for a dvt is really high right now it all started with the leg pain.

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Hi Hypoc.

I think your anxiety is playing with your mind, I know its worrying but I don't think it is DVT but if it continues then go and see your GP. I hope you feel better soon.



Hi hypoc ... Agree with Kenny sounds like anxiety...the shaking will be from your muscles being so tense from the worry and anxiety. If it was dvt you would know by now... I've just watched something telling the signs of dvt, and that's the worst thing I can do but needless to say it doesn't sound like that's what it is even though I'm having my own bad day all I can say is try and take a few deep breaths in and out and hold in till the count of 10 then exhale sometimes it's relaxing hope you feel better soon.


I am not a doctor, but I have seen A LOT of anxiety (runs in my family) and this looks very much like it to me. These are all symptoms of anxiety. I have experienced some pretty scary symptoms (including all of these) over the past few months and if you have seen my previous posts I have had a very extensive medical work up. The tingling is very common, I get that in both arms and legs. Tunnel and shaky vision is common in anxiety - I also get tingling in my right foot which scared the heck out of me. I had twitching for a month straight all over my body. This also went away. When the nervous system is out of whack, trust me - your body will do all sorts of things. If the symptoms persist - I would get a blood test to ensure that your blood sugar is in the normal range, you are not anemic, and also check that you do not have low blood pressure etc., but this very much seems like anxiety to me!

Feel better!



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