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Panic attack just now ;(


I just had a panic attack first in ages, I take propranolol 40 mg

Twice a day for panic attacks, but I have not taken them for two days ;( as I have been busy with everyone else, I will get my meds in the morning first thing I think what makes it worse it I am having a biopsy done tomorrow which is most likely making it worse, has anyone got any ideas in how to control this panic

Attack go away ;(

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HI Lovejoy x Sorry to hear about the panic attack but well done for surviving it x They are the worst things in the world x Maybe in this case its not the fact you missed the meds that brought on the attack but the thought of what is happening tomorrow x Its going to be playing on your mind about the biopsy you would not be human if not x Im sure it will all, be fine x Can you not take a med tonight to take the edge off and then continue as normal tomorrow x In the meantime do any breathing exercises you have been taught and keep on telling yourself that it will pass x It cannot hurt you all is well x x It will go soon x Donver x

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