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OCD ruined my relationship

I can't get one break with this disease. BC of this disease it ruined my relationship. I just want one normal relationship were I don't cause my boyfriend of cheating. My mind just won't shut up. It's like my mind says "oh he's not replying back?" HE MUST BE CHEATING! It's just a cycle. A torturous cycle. I can't get a break. Now my relationship is dead BC I can't fight this monster. If you love someone you should trust them right? Then why is it that I seem to not trust anyone. OCD will never let me find love. I will forever be alone, fat, scared and sad. It got so bad that I cut myself to ease my pain and thoughts. But it didn't work. Now I've been thinking about suicude again but I wkbt do it BC I know it's a sin but that doesn't stop me from thinking about it. I want to be free.

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Morning Anxiousgal,

Its a right pain this over thinking lark. We seem to focus in on one thing and really go for it over and over again.

Are you getting any support from your G/P or any where else?

I am sorry to hear you have cut your self to ease the pain, but like you said it didn't work. The real pain is in our minds and this is what needs to be healed. I have friends who cut them selves for all sorts of reasons and they have got help with dealing with this, I hope you too are also getting some support for this as well.

Try and remember these thoughts are like stories we make up in our head, so we can change these stories for the better. This over thinking we do has not happened over night and we need to find a way to deal with this. I have found Mindfulness' helps me loads. Try a site called Headspace and give it a go.

Keep posting on here as we are all here for you.

gardener x


Thank you. I use to be on meds and had a counselor and therapist but my insurance expired and I'm on a long waiting list for coverage so I can't see my counselor or get on meds. I can't find anything at all to ease my mind. OCD has really ruined my relationship. All of my relationships.


Hi there:)

Have tried MIND?


Have a look at this, lots of imformation on this site:)

Do give Headspace ago too.

Hugs xx


Hi ag,

I totally understand how you feel. My over thinking continues to put stress on my relationship with my hubby. Sometimes I blame him for making me anxious when really it's my mind that creates the problem and blows it out of control.

I used to hide my anxiety and i was afraid to tell my hubby how I felt. I started writing things down and did a CBT course which helped.

I do feel for you, it's a horrible way to live. Hugs x


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