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had small panic attacks yesterday

when i was walking to my mums i was having small panic attacks i do feel sometime that anxiety is tacking over i look back how i start with anxiety and it was not that bad it would come and go but after some months it started to get worse i started getting new symptoms anxiety started to get stronger .. now my anxiety is 24/7 it dose put me down sometimes all i want is to be how i used to be ...

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Hi glitter x I think sometimes the smaller panic attacks but frequently can be the ones that wear us out the most. Have you spoken to your gp about some form of therapy ? It can work wonders for us and make us see anxiety in a whole new way xx hope your feeling better today x donver


Hi glitter:)

Have you tried Mindfulness?

Checkout the website Headspace.

It helps to keep things a little calmer:) xx


Hi Glitter.

Donver is right having minor attack frequently can really wear you down. If you haven't been to see your GP I think now would be a good time to seek help. You can only ignore anxiety for so long and as you say it is now with you 24/7 I hope you feel better soon.

Kenny xx


Hi Glitter,

Kenny-w is right. Go see your GP. I work for the NHS as a CBT therapist and specialise with panic and anxiety so I see it all year round. CBT on the NHS is free and all you need to do is locate your local IAPT service and refer yourself (if they allow it) or get your GP to refer you. If you leave it, then it will get worse and spread to other areas of your life. Panic attacks are very scary, I know because I used to have them, but not dangerous and very treatable. Don't put it off. Good luck. x


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