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I need a little bit of support have bad acid reflux and cannot tolerate the medications bad side effects possibility of operation although

may not be a candidate for health reasons, in which case I am a bit stuck for solutions. Have become very frightened both by the side effects of the drugs and because of what may lie ahead. Every day and night is a nightmare dont feel well with and very tired sometimes wish I wasnt here anymore.

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Hi annie

I am sorry you are suffering with acid reflux

I suffer with it but from what you are saying it seems you have it really bad

I was on medication for it & took it for several years , but while I was I started to look at what I was eating & what was making it worse

For me anything spicy , pastry , greasy , where just a few things that even though I may like them they certainly don't like me !!!

I avoid most of these things along with others from my diet now or I know IIwill be in trouble even though sometimes I do slip up & have some but pay the price after

Seems evenings sound bad for you with this , maybe if you don't eat after a certain time will help as I find eating to late then laying down doesn't help

Also I was told I was making a lot of acid because of my anxiety

Apparently been anxious stops us digesting food as well creating more acid

So the more anxious we feel the worse the symptom & I know it isn't easy to stay calm when we are in pain but if when we are eating maybe watching TV trying to distract our selves , small meals & chew your food really well , this may not sure this problem but does help a little

Keep perusing the issue with your GP or consultant if through other reasons you cannot have the op then there are lots of medications that can help & I know we shouldn't have to but sometimes it can be we have to keep pushing till we get the right treatment !

I also have a teaspoon or even 3 teaspoons of Manuka Honey a day 10+ & I don't know why but this seems to really help me , it took a couple of weeks but now I always take it everyday , you can get it from Tesco's , it is about £10 a jar but if it helps it is worth it !

Keep talking on here , I know when you suffer with anxiety & then have health problems it can make us feel very low but you are not on your own & sometimes just letting people know how you feel & talking about it can help





Thank you every bit of support and advice helps, this forum is a great source of encouragement and people are so nice. Are you on ppis I cannot tolerate them unfortunately but will try the manuka honey.


Hi annie

When we have anxiety & have health problems so many of us tend to not deal with it very well so it is good that we know there are others out there that know exactly how we feel & we do on here !

I was taking Alverine & something called Lansoprazole , took them for years but changing my diet & then finding the honey I have dropped the meds of & am a lot better , even though like I said I may not have it to the same degree as you

I would say take 3 teaspoons of the honey 3 times a day for a month & see if it helps , if it does you can try taking 2 teaspoons after & now most days I just take one , unless I am having a bad day or week with the acid & then I up it to 3 again

You have to give it chance , but if you read up about it , its very good for you in lots of ways , so you are loosing nothing by taking it :-)

You will have to let us know if you tried it & I do hope it helps a little :-)



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