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i Hate anxiety

my anxiety is not good its putting me down i just want it gone i just what to be like i used to be .... iam going to start having my tablets as i cant tack this anxiety no more hoping the tablets help me :(

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So sorry you feel like this, I find that the more I stop thinking about my anxiety the quicker it fades, if I keep talking about how bad it is aswell it makes me worse, just a suggestion- hope this has helped a little bit and hope you feel better soon :-) xxx

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thanks i have tried it before and it did work but now not as much

HI Glitter x Me to, hate anxiety so much x Sorry to hear you are feeling this way, anxiety bites any time it wants x If you have been given meds, then try them, they can take the edge of anxiety for some people x Hope you are feeling better soon x DOnver x

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thank u

Yeah me too. I think we are all the same here on this site. It can ruin your life sometimes and even ruin things that would otherwise be good.

I know it's easier said than done but try not to let it make you angry. You are who you are. You can't change the fact you have it. You can work to manage it. I take citalopram now and have noticed a difference :). It's about accepting the fact you have anxiety and living within your limitations which will start to broaden as you become more confident.

If you accept it you won't be angry anymore. I haven't fully accepted it yet, but I'm further on now than I was a year ago and I'm proud of that. Try not to fight it, love xx

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thank u and iam going to start tacking my tablets tomorrow

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Don't expect them to work tomorrow. I say this because I don't want you to be disappointed. They will take weeks to work, but the wait honestly is worth it. They start you on a small dose to get your body used to it and then they increase it which is when you start feeling a difference.

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i know they will tack time iam just hoping after that time they will work and help me a little as my anxiety is not good :(

This was such good advice 'wantToChange', it helped me as I am also struggling to accept how anxiety & depression have 'changed me' & what I am now capable of! Very wise words x

Thank you. Glad I have helped someone, that made me smile and brightened things up for me :).

At the end of the day, if you don't accept who you are, you always be fighting against yourself. Accepting yourself is one of the hardest things you'll ever do and I think it'll take me a while but I'm further on than I ever have been, probably because I have challenged myself a lot this last year :). xx

Me too but such a lllooonnnggg way to go but I shall keep hearing yr words as they r so true x

Do you drink caffeine? I know this can make your anxiety worse. My dr me I had to stop drinking it because I have general and social anxiety. You know theirs different types. And you have to figure out what is triggering you anxiousness. I hope this helps

Yes caffeine is bad for anxiety sufferers! I used to drink 6+ cups when I was a student and now don't drink any upon the advice of my doctor. I don't even miss it, if I have it now I end up just feeling hyper lol.

I love tea so now I just drink decaf. Think cutting out the caffeine makes you feel a little less on edge x

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i do have caffeine but not much

I know the feeling. I don't understand how people are supposed to cope when logically,taking some medication which eases the symptoms of anxiety might be a blessed relief.

hi glitter have you tried cbt for your anxiety? I've seen on your post 31 weeks pregnant .i suffer with anxiety symptoms. my midwife got me referred for cbt to help with anxiety in pregnancy.its has helped. and i find doing mindfullness mediation helps its good for baby to. and challenge ing anxious thoughts by writing them down . what anxiety symptoms do you get while being pregnant? x

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i have not tryd cbt i still have the same symptoms before i got pregnant but my breathing is a little worse now if the baby is low down and iam walking i cant breath i cant run if i do i cant breath i cant walk to far or my breathing starts playing up its got worse it feels like anxiety is tacking over

aww bless you just try to remember you will get the breathless feeling to as your pregnant every think starts to get squashed baby pressing on your diagram . i had breathless feeling last pregnancy before i had any anxiety. i know its sca feeling last try not thinkof your anxiety breathing . I've started using mindfullness to distract anxious thoughts as only keeps anxiety going . cbt great help i dunno why peope don' t get offered it x

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