today beyond sucked

Well today i have had quite a bad day. I was woken up by my mum at 10 declaring she was going out with my dad and then my sister declared she was going out. Instantly from that moment i felt the panic set in but i refused to let it get to me, i lay there for 5 mins and i calmed down. I then went downstairs had breakfast and whatnot whilst my sister was still in. But then my endometriosis pain set in and i started to get shaky and dizzy again at one point i found myself crying in the kitchen because i didnt want to be alone. My mind then settled a bit when my sister told me if i really need her to come home just give her a call (this is highly unusual for my family to be nice and somewhat understanding) i managed about an hour. Then BOOM it all came crashing down, out of the middle of nowhere i felt my hands start to vigorously shake, my heart pounding out my chest at 100000000bpm, getting dizzy. My juice i latch myself onto wasnt helping, i got a yoghurt that didnt help. I then asked my boyfriend if i could phone as he has an amazing ability to calm me down and persuade me its ok i will be ok nothing is going to happen. Then the panic set in even more, and i was stood there like who do i phone first do i phone my sister and demand she gets home? do i phone my boyfriend first and see if i calm. I then freak out so bad i grabbed the keys and ran out my front door like some crazy lady considering knocking down my neighbours door for help. Then my boyfriend was phoning me so i went indoors sat down and talked to him, it took atleast 15 mins to get me relatively calm.

But im still quite terrified about the whole ordeal.


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  • Sounds like you had a real tough time but what youneed remember is that you DID calm and you coped well given the circumstances. I hope your day improved, hugs.

  • Hi

    It sounds like you had a really bad panic attack

    Maybe the moment you heard everyone was going out your mind will have already started to go into panic mode even though you may not have realized till the panic became full blown

    Well done give yourself some praise as I know your BF helped to talk you round but you did it as well & you got through it

    Have you some breathing techniques when you feel one coming on , take deep breaths in & slowly let them out or I find the old fashioned technique of breathing in a paper bag works well

    Think about seeing your GP & see what help they can give you

    Hope you are feeling a lot better now :-)




  • Thanks guys, reading that actually made me shed a few tears. I got through it, its just nice to know that people actually understand what im going through and i can talk to people about it. My parents call me a hypochondriac and actually took the p**s out of me on a couple of occasions before so i feel i have to pretend im ok when im really not

  • Hi

    Well come on here , you don't have to pretend to us you can be who you are & we understand :-)


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