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Tense all the time, does this happen to you or anyone you know?

My lower back and legs have been giving me a hard time for about a year now and lately for the last few months when I'm standing in between my thighs especially the right one inside close to the groin area I get this pinching feeling like if my nerves or something there gets pinched/squeezed that my leg stops mid movement. I've been having painful cramps in my uterine area and low back pain I have not gotten my menstrual cycle in about 2 months if I had it on schedule it would be this week could it be "phantom" symptoms from my monthly? I know I'm not pregnant no chances of being pregnant. Just suffering back to back anxiety attacks and depression, mainly laying down and moping I get up to cook get what some cleaning done and back to laying down hiding in my mind crying and going thru my many thoughts. At night I can't get comfortable in any position my hip and lower back hurt/dull ache. Is it my body getting tired of being tense that it hurts now?

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Hi there:)

First off have been to the doctors? If not,go and get checked out.

What you have described can happen with anxiety.

When I was at my worse, I got back aches, my cycle use to come early or late and I use to get 2 in the month!!

They use to be very painful too:(

When I saw my doctor about this, she said that it was my anxiety and to take Codeine and paracetamol for when the pain was bad.

I'm not too bad now as I've learnt Mindfulness and I can recognise when I'm starting to get tense.

The website I use for this is" headspace"

Give it ago and good luck:) x


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