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It's great to talk!

Counselling went so well. I was nervous but my Councillor Peter helped me relax and just told me to talk. I talk a lot and he took notes, before I knew it my time was over. He believes I've got anxiety/health anxiety and I've got 5 more sessions with him. We talked about be being bulled in school and how some teachers treated me badly, my Grandma's death and well other things which haven't helped me. He gave me some things to read and said ' once you know we can handle anxiety, it won't run your life'. And also the symptoms you get with Anxiety can drive you mad too but once I can handle it, I won't fear I am dying or got some bad illness.

I left smiling and felt like wow it made a huge difference. It's just nice to talk to someone who can help and make you feel normal in a way. I do believe with his help I can really understand everything and not let it run my life anymore

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I'm glad your session went well and feel it's helped you. Keep going and don't forget to do any homework Peter has set you and keep practising

Take care xx



This is great news I am so pleased it all went well & has made you feel so much better :-)

Let us know how it goes over the weeks :-)





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