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Anxietys come back

I suffered from anxiety about six months ago just before my wedding, but now it's come back again. The only thing I'm worried about is I'm 29 weeks pregnant an I'm worried it will affect my baby girl! It doesn't seem to be nowhere near as bad as last time though. It's so frustrating because I'm not sure what's causing it to come back, I was doing so well over the past six months an I'm just so disappointed as I feel like I'm back were I started. Is anyone else learning mindfulness? My counsellor told me that it really helps anxiety an I've just bought ruby wax's book called sane new world which is all about mindfulness. Is there any other good anxiety books out there? (But not ones about CBT cause I've done that an it didn't help me)

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Hi Danielle.

So sorry to hear your anxiety is back, I don't think it ever really leaves us. I don't think it will affect your baby but I would go and talk to your GP as they know more about it than me. I think Yummimummy does the mindfulness thing and says it is very helpful and also headspace. I hope you feel better soon.

Kenny xxx


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