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Anxiety build up

Hi Everyone,

I would say I have suffered from health anxiety for about 4 years. This morning I read an article in the paper about having a brain tumor and now feel like I have all the symptoms. I know this is probably all related to anxiety but just need some reassurance. I have dizziness sometimes but have been told this is related to anxiety. I have had several tests by the doctor and everything came back normal (which I should be so pleased about but for some reason just can't shift this worry or the feelings I'm having). Has anyone experienced anything similar? I suppose this is all sparked by my period being late for over a week. Anyone got any advice or similar experiences?

Thank you

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Hi there:)

What you've described is anxiety.

I know it is hard to believe that is and you think you have something else, but please have faith in your doctor.

I've had the dizzy spells but I don't give it the time of day. Don't get it any more.

Check out Headspace it's a very good website based on mindful meditation .

Of course you can always talk on here:) Hope this helps Hun xx



Yes I am very similar to what you have described

I know I always say don't Google to people , I do also by pass things in the paper as well if as soon as I read the title or first few lines I know it will trigger me of , I refuse to carry in reading it !

I never had liked the word Mental Health illness as I always think I am not mental , I zoom in on that word & that upsets me !

But as I had it explained , this is not physical even though we do feel things because our anxiety causes this but its our minds that have the illness that we can reverse & get better from & like with anything it takes time but can have excellent results !

I have looked up over the years every illness from A to Z & believe me I have had at least if not more than one symptom of everyone I have ever looked at ,because most will list dizziness & straight away I zoom in on that one thing saying I have it then must have , yet how many people experience feeling dizzy , I would imagine most , difference is we always think the worse !

All the tests you have had done , which well done been so brave as to have them done as I am not that brave & wish I could be , but they have all come back fine , & the feelings are your anxiety , try staying focused & I know its not easy but keep telling yourself I have been checked out so its not my worse fear , its this anxiety & I am going to now work on that & when we do these symptoms do start to fade until eventually they go away

Hope you feel more relaxed now & skip the pages that you know might trigger you of in papers or magazines or even in my case if something comes on the TV & I know it will start me of I reach for the remote & switch it over !





Afternoon Rachie

Put that paper down, like whywhy says these articles can do more harm than good, with all this doom and gloom they spread.

It is good you have been checked by the doctor and things are okay.

Anxiety has a way of upsetting our body such as dizziness, then we are off thinking, there is something wrong, when there is not.

You could be feeling more sensitive as your period is late.

Hope this has helped.

gardener x


Welcome to health anxiety! I'm just like you and if I see anything on any illness I'll start to worry I have it.

I can't watch any TV programmes fact or fiction, which are medical or read any magazine or newspaper article or I'll start to worry.

It's a bit of a nightmare.


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