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At the Doctors Again

Hi All, I am writing this post on my new netbook as my last netbook blew up on Friday and so did the washing machine. I feel that I live at our Surgery as on Friday I had terrible pains in my kidneys and phoned for a Doctor to come out. Instead, even with my Friend phoning, I was given an emergency appointment and my Husband was back in time from work to take me. Apparently my bladder was blocked and gave me a letter to go to A&E for a catheter to be inserted and unblock me. I did not go to A&E but drank loads of water and was up all the time on Friday night and last night and stayed up for good at 4.30. We are supposed to be going for a Family Lunch but I will not be going, I will stay here at home with a hot water bottle. I feel really down at the moment as there is always something wrong with me. I am running a bath whilst my Husband walks the dog and get back on the sofa. I have received an appointment to see my Mental Health Consultant for my depression and anxiety sometime in March so will see what he suggests this time. Have a good Sunday everyone and thinking of you all. Sundayschild10 xxx

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Hi Sundays child, I can sympathise with you. I've had cystitis since Thursday. It's all gone now except a pain in my bladder area. I hope you get better soon. That's good news about your appt coming through, I hope you don't have too long to wait for it

Take care xx


Hi Sundayschild

I am pleased you have a new netbook , I hope you manage to sort your washing machine sorted out to !

I can only imagine how you must be feeling , you have so much to deal with physically & you must feel like you live at the doctors as you say which dealing with all this must add to your anxiety

I was rather disgusted that the GP wouldn't come & give you a visit , I don't know what is wrong with them now a days , home visits seem a thing of the past !

From what you have said you managed to ease the problem yourself but if you are still feeling unwell & I know it will be the last place you want to go but make sure you get checked out if you don't improve

Sounds like a good idea to stay at home & rest & I really do hope you feel better over the next few days :-)

I am pleased you have an appointment with your MH consultant in March I am sure this will help you with your depression & anxiety & let us know how it goes :-)

Have a relaxing Sunday & Take Care





Hi Sunday,

Sorry to hear you are feeling unwell. Take care and get well soon. x


Hi Sunday's child,

Sorry to hear you are not so good. Hope you are feeling better soon.



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