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Count down to work almost over

Well it's off to work in the morning. Feeling ok ish about it. Not anxious as such, just a bit trepiditious I suppose. It's the stupid back to work HR process that's my bugbear. I know they gotta follow procedure, but it causes more stress for me even though they're supportive.

I think as well because I have had a massive breakthrough in my counselling the last two weeks and I have had time to build and work on that, that I am afraid of losing the time to do that. Daft I know but I feel like I am in a massive state of flux at the minute. That I am dealing with my issues for real this time rather than just controlling the anxiety. It's gathered momentum and I desperately want to keep that momentum going. Even as I am typing this I know that essentially it's a choice to keep that momentum and that work doesn't have to stop that. Suppose I just answered my own question didn't I ha ha. Anyway 18 hours to go and counting. X

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Good luck for tomorrow and yes I think you did answer your own question!

Take care xx


I did didn't i. Proof that writing things down sometimes helps I suppose ha ha. X


Good luck, I hope your return to work goes well. Good idea to go back towards the end of the week, you then have the weekend to look forward to quite soon and not a whole working week stretching ahead in front of you. You sound like you have a very positive attitude, and you say they are supportive, so you have all the right building blocks in place to make a success of it. Don't forget to give us an update!

Best wishes


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