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Feeling a Little Better

Thanks for all your replies. I did write a message on Thursday but then my computer decided to turn itself off.and I lost it I think.

From the age of 15 I had my appendix out, have lost my first baby boy, 13 miscarriages between 2 marriages and one live birth (my Daughter who is staying with us at the moment whilst she buys a house) from this my 3rd marriage. I have been to the operating theatre 55 times and then last night I tried on a new Ferrari tee shirt that I had bought when my Husband said to me that I was not standing up straight and that my spine was curving. I started crying and said that I was doing my best to feel as normal as possible and he said to have a word with my Doctor on the 18th February. I am trying so much with new clothes, new hair colour and make up. I took my 12 hour release morphine tablets yesterday at 4.00pm and was up this morning at 4.ooam to take the next load of tablets. We are not flooded where we are in the South West but parts of the City and County are flooded very badly.

I know that I have to take tablets for the rest of my life and if it makes me feel "normal" then I will contine to take them. It is nearly 5.00am now and I am going to have a strong cup of tea, no sugar and have a look on the internet about what to do about my back. I have had so much taken out with operations it is a wonder that I can stand up. I hope that everyone has a really good weekend and take care in this awful weather.


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Hi Sundayschild, I'm so sorry for your loss's that must have been heartbreaking for you, it sounds as of you've had some pretty traumatic experiences with regards to your health, and 55 times that's awful, you must be a very strong lady! I'm very sorry you're feeling like this, you have been through so much try to be kind to yourself and not dwell on the possibilities too much, as of this moment nothing is certain, could you maybe make an appointment with your gp? Instead of looking on the internet? I know for me its a slippery slope and ultimately makes me feel worse (but I understand it might not be this way for you) I hope it isn't!

I know it's probably no help whatsoever right now, but I wanted to let you know I have read your post and that you're in my thoughts.

Warmest wishes

Sending love and light

Eva x


Many thanks Eva, we do have Private Health (believe it or not they did not ask me one medical question) through my Husband's works so I am sure I can get some help. My Husband's Sister has just gone into liquidation and we are both worried about her although we are not in a position to give her thousands of pounds but I did get a PPI refund so told my Husband to take some money to her tomorrow. Unfortunately she lives in Wales which is miles from us but he said he will go on his own as I could not cope with such a long journey. I ordered some super longish hippy type tops and I am revamping my clothes. I have some more to try on today so my Husband is just going to the Supermarket for 7.00am to buy items that I did not order on line. Once again thank you very much for replying,



Hi Sundays child, you sound like you have a lot to deal with. I'm sending my best wishes to you and I'm thinking of you.

Take care xx



You have been trough so much I just wanted to say I had read your post & hope you are feeling a little better :-)





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