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Things I've learnt this week

All week I've been looking after my Grampsm, my Aunt and Uncle are away in Gamiba till Tuesday night. I've had a great week watching The Walking Dead Seasons 1,2 and 3 as it's back on Monday night. Also loved being with my Gramps, he's 90 in 2 weeks but still sharp! I made him laugh while trying to cook, I did find out I can't put tin foil into a mircowave. Don't worry the house is still standing.

I am worrying about a new thing now,my left arm feels heavy and it twiches alot. I think it's just another issue with my anexity. Also finally had a phone call about counceling! It's going to start very soon, so thats good.

So I've got another 2 day with my Gramps, I know he cant wait to have my Aunt and Uncle home

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HI Cardiff sounds like you had lots of fun with your grandad x I learnt the hard way a few year back like you that tin foil and micros dont like each other lol x DOnt worry to much about the arm ache, it can be anxiety it can also be heavy from maybe pulling it while doing something or as I find typing to much lol x Good luck with your counselling x Donver x



Well your Aunt & Uncle will be loving it in Gambia , I went there twice when I was young it was lovely :-)

Oh how lovely spending time with your Gramps sounds like you are doing a brilliant job & pleased the house is still standing :-D

Good news about the counselling :-)

I think it will be anxiety with your arm as well !

Enjoy the next two days I am sure your Gramps is loving your company :-)





I'm glad I didn't blow the house up lol. I love being with Gramps, he's so amazing and funny. I am looking forward to my counselling now, I was worried they forgot about me. I am hoping it helps me


Lucky you Cardiff girl, I loved being with my grandad, that was a long time ago now, if he was here he'd be 104.!!

He was a wonderful man, funny, clever and he'd tell amazing stories, I really miss my grandparents.

I'm so pleased your counselling will be starting soon. I'm sure it'll really help you.

All the best. X


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