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Constant Battle

I have recently thought I had learn to Keep my anxiety at bay. I have been coping well for weeks now and have found the few times I have felt myself slipping back I have managed to keep control . UNTIL something happens with my children. My main Anxiety centres around my children's health and the slightest sign of a illness be it a cough / cold or a tummy bug I lose all sense of rational and start thinking they may have alsorts of horrible illnesses . My Eldest son who is 5 has developed 3 pea sized lumps on his neck . Lower down than I'd usually feel his glads if they were swollen . He has had a bit of a cold and in general seems ok in himself. But I again am finding myself unable to settle and feel constantly on edge .

Will I ever completely be able to Control 'THIS ' thing ?

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I do think this can be a parents fear in general & maybe because we have anxiety we seem to worry more & our minds go into overdrive

My son who is nearly 20 now came to me the other day as well as the normal Adams apple you have at that age he had a lump slightly higher which I instantly thought the worse

I stayed calm in front of him but did say casually it will be nothing but just let the doctor have a look , he did & it was nothing but I was so worried

I would say those little lumps are due to the cold he has just had , but just let the GP check them over & then you will have peace of mind

Have you had any counselling for this it could help ?





I have had a course of CBT 12 months ago and have been taking medication for 18 months . Unfortunately I do tend to panic excessively over my children . I sometimes get up countless times a night just to check they are still breathing while they where asleep. The CBT really helped and in general I am a lot Moore relaxed but when things like this happen I feel old habits creeping back and find it hard to Control .

Thanks xx


Hi there,

One thing to remember is that anxiety is a perfectly normal emotion and a rational response to certain situations.

If you have had a CBT hopefully you will still have a few of the worksheets from that time, but taking the time to write down your thoughts can help to take a little of the power away and stop our thoughts running away with themselves.. One of the main goals of CBT is to teach you to be your own therapist and learn how to take care of yourself, by challenging those irrational thoughts and coming up with new more realistic and rational thoughts to replace them. In time and with practice we can start to create "new habits" in our thinking. We may not be able to stop having irrational thoughts, but by raising our awareness of them we can start to take the control back.

Take care



I know exactly how you feel...It can be any little thing that sets me off...I worry about my grandchildren and my children and my husband and would you believe even the cat and that normal things that were not such an issue before become magnified and we have irrational thinking and that is the awful thing that is this thing called anxiety..I try like you to keep in all in check but alas it gets me and it feels like I am a mouse on a wheel unable to get off until the attack subsides or until what is happening stops...We all worry about our family but us unlucky ones who have developed anxiety see everything differently and I do feel for you because I do exactly the same..It is always until like you say something happens...but I am sure your lovely children are just fine..They are more resillient than we think and you are just being a good and caring mother to them which is natural...Sending you hugs xx


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