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Sore throat and neck pain

Hello everyone. It's been ages since I've been on here after Internet was cut off at home, thank god for iPhone. I have been feeling well until my throat started hurting. It feels like my tonsils are on fire and my neck is sore too. Taking painkillers and drinking lots but my god it's sore. Could this be a normal germy thing or is it just me ?!

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Hi Cardiff.

It could well be a germy thing but it might be worth going to see your GP just in case, they say manuca honey is good for sore throats but it is expensive. I hope it clears up soon.

Kenny xxxx



Pleased you have been feeling better :-)

Sorry you have a bad sore throat :-(

These germs & virus's are still going about & it could be what you have

If you have been taking painkillers & drinking plenty & it still feels as bad it could be worth seeing yourGP just to check you don't have an infection

Hope you feel better soon :-)

Let is know how you get on





Thanks Kenny-w and Whywhy - I am down my Aunt's all week looking after my Gramps, so I am using her Wifi! It's heaven to have internet and have my iPhone working fully lol. When I saw my Aunt before she went away, she did tell me I looked so pale. Maybe I do have another bug. I will see how I feel in a few days and maybe have a check up


Sorry to hear about your throat. There are a lot bugs around at the moment.

Plenty of fluids and gargle with warm salty water . Paracetamol will help

With pain . Hopefully you will bounce back very soon .


Hannah x


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