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How's everyone :-)

How's u all doing? Was in the bingo with the thunder and glad I was lol it's gone cold and raining how crappy. OH at his moms, they've gone bingo. So me and Brett ( my 11 year old ) r cooking pasta bacon mushrooms and cheese. He's 12 on Tuesday it's gone so quick but other then the atitude hes turning out a good lad. I am proud of both my boys. Ben struggles with his verbal dyspraxia so he looses his temper wen u ask him to repeat wat he said which is understandable but hes getting better. Finally after all the fighting I've done to get him the help he needs at last there's a dietician getting involved for his eating. Can't believe how we have to fight these health people to get the help people need.

So after tea, wash dry up and watch the voice, have a bath and go to my moms for the night xxx

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Hi Donaf

Obviously you never won at bingo. The pasta sounds nice I hope you son has a happy birthday.

Kenny xxx


Hi Donaf

We had thunder & lightening I was running around switching everything of , I don't like it either !

Tea sounds lovely & you made me laugh when you said about your 12 year old he has turned out a good lad except the attitude now & again :-D

That's part of them been a teenager & as long as you let them start to express their selves as they have to learn how to but make sure they know where the boundaries are & they are not to be crossed he will be fine :-)

I am so pleased you have finally got help for your youngest son & it isn't right you have to fight for the help they need but unfortunately it seems to be the way now a days , thank goodness he has a good Mum like you that cared enough to keep fighting his corner :-)

Right I need to get my tea quick as it is nearly time for the Voice & Will-i-am, I get so excited :-D





There have been two big thunderstorms where I am this winter, strange, because Iv`e always thought that they only happened in summer.


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